Time Name Past Appointment Last Known Affiliation
2019.01-2020.01 Yiqi Chen Research Assistant Yangtze Memory Technology Corp
2019.03-2019.08 Hanyu Wang Research Assistant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.Ltd
Yaru Zhang Research Assistant Westlake University
2020.05-2021.08 Hao Dai Research Assistant Zhejiang University
2021.05-2021.10 Yan Xu Research Assistant University of Southern California
2020.07-2021.01 Junying Li Visiting Scholar Zhejiang University
2020.07-2020.09 Chaopeng Huang Visiting Student National Taiwan University
2020.08-2020.09 Zeyu Wang Visiting Student Zhejiang University
2020.09-2020.09 Lichun Wang Visiting Student Zhejiang University
2020.09-2020.09 Chongqian Xu Visiting Student Jilin University
2020.09-2020.09 Guanwen Yan Visiting Student Jilin University
2020.01-2021.01 Lufeng Zhang Visiting Student Tianjin University of Technology
2021.01-2021.03 Yingzhi Ding Visiting Student Jilin University
2021.01-2021.03 Chao Liu Visiting Student Jilin University
2021.04-2021.05 Kaidi Yang Visiting Student Jilin University
Tong Wu Visiting Student SVOLT Company
2021.09-2021.10 Boshu Sun Visiting Student Zhejiang University
2020.07-2020.08 Yujin Bao Undergraduate Researcher Yale University
2020.07-2020.08 Tianyi Gan Undergraduate Researcher The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
2020.07-2020.08 Kai Zhang Undergraduate Researcher University of Rochester
2020.07-2020.08 Suming Qiu Undergraduate Researcher Cornell University
2020.07-2020.08 Wenhao Zhang Undergraduate Researcher Tokyo Institute of Technology
2021.03-2021.11 Kunhao Lei Undergraduate Researcher Zhejiang University
2021.07-2021.08 Xiangyu Jin Undergraduate Researcher University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
2021.07-2021.08 Fujiang Xu Undergraduate Researcher Xi 'an Jiaotong University