Flexible Integrated Photonics Lab  

Integrated Photonics, Flexible Devices, Nanofabrication, 3D Sensing, Photoacoustic detector, Optogenetics, On-chip Light sources, modulators and detectors, Meta Surface

The primary focus of our research is the technology development as well as the practical implementation of flexible integrated photonics. The related research directions include but are not limited to the following:

1. Photonic integration development with novel materials such as optical glass materials, biocompatible oxides, polymer, 2D materials, semiconductor membrane, etc.

2. Design, fabrication, and testing of passive devices (3D optical couplers and optical switches, nanocavities, photonic crystals, etc.) and active devices (on-chip light sources, modulators, photodetectors, etc.) with new functionalities.

3. Application and exploration of flexible photonic chips in the field of sensing, communication, and biotechnology.